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"DIAM!!!!!!!!!!!!" because chanyeol says so :)

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a short and horrid rendition of beast’s ‘beautiful’

dedicated to everyone who’s sent me a message, tweet, email, card, gift, WRITTEN ME WOOLI FANFUC, composed me songs!!!!!, drawn me fanart!!!!, massaged my balls, trimmed my pubes - oh, wait, wrong list.

i love you all so much. i’m sorry i’m awful at keeping up with everything/getting back to everyone and i’m sure there are things i’ve missed. but thank you all for being in my life and being my friend and making me lol, i’ve had such a great, insane, fun year and i’ve made memories with every single one of you!!

special shoutouts go to my sister, stanclub, secret santas and calabazas. you know who you are. it may just be kpop to some people, but through fandom and standom i’ve unexpectedly met some of the funniest, coolest, talented people: writers, artists, singers, dancers, crazyass stans and my life would be nowhere near as vibrant without you guys in it.

i will be a better friend to you all, i promise

ps i’m sorry i keep laughing and sound like a drunk goat, i’m giddy and old, and my voice is hoarse from screaming i love you to minho. but i really do love you all

니가어디있든달려있어 i always think about you

MAMI THE BEST! We love you ♥